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4WD CouponCode.

Hi, I am from Fairbizdeals and we’re here at the 4 Wheel DriveHardware  to discussing with the storemanager.  Here today we’re doing aninstall on some gears and lockers on the 4wd Jeep giveaway. Ok at this pointwe’ve gone ahead and remove the caliper and hung neck, so it’s not hanging justoff the brake line then remove the four bolts to hold the axles in and justflew the axles out gently. They’re just hanging in there on the edge at thatpoint we didn’t want to have to remove the carrier out use a wrench and a prybar imposes on it. One thing you want to take in consideration is you want tomark each bearing caps to what side it is, but you know because it needs to goback in the same location it came out of the next step of this point.

We’re going to go ahead and remove the pinion through the bearing and seal out of this or your place that was doing at that point, then we’ll go ahead and start installing the ring here on the new Detroit Locker. We do the install and if we do use a master install kit recommend, use the nose on any gear install even the truck that has low miles. It could be very difficult sometimes we pull the bearings off inside of the carrier. This kids going to come with new variants to the carrier need various an opinion the shims to set up the unit the nut crush sleeve ring gear bulbs an opinion.

Oh,  what  the right okay at this point we’ve gone ahead and we’ve installed the pinion gear on it. Done the crush sleeve on it set it up with the inch pound torque wrench, make sure that all set up ready to go. We built the ring gear obviously to the Detroit Locker went ahead and installed it back in the unit. Make sure the coast and drive side are both in good shape, which in this case they’re excellent once that set up. The only thing we need to do is reassemble the axle shafts put the caliper back on seal it back up with a new diff cover and we’re good, as you can see we remove the carrier already. We mark the bearing cap, so we make sure they’re on the same side it’s critical on that once the carrier’s removed. We’ve gone through and cleaned it out with brake cleaner any kind of loose contaminants that are in the housing out. One thing to note on this front axle the seals are on just either side here, so when you reinstall the front axle shaft, you want to make sure you go to damage the feels.

If you’ve got a vehicle a lot of miles on this would be the great time to replace those. One of the tricks we do is we take a little bit of gear on a small bottle add this to the bearing, so that we will put the bearings on and assemble it. It’s not all dry it’s already pre lubed and ready to go the other trick to is a little bit of grief just around the inside of the year inside of the pinion seal, so we hammer the seal in the spring inside to retains it doesn’t pop out also that lubricates the pinion yoke so we don’t damage the field. Llater on as you can see we’ve got the ring and pinion already installed on this, we’ve gone ahead and put the pinion gear in did the crush sleeve on it installed a carrier with the ring gear ran our pattern for the backlash. You can see that we got a clear pattern right in the center boats on the coast and drive side on this at this point the. Next thing we need to do is go ahead and put the diff cover on it seal it up add fluid and we’re all done, as you can see we’re ready for the final install. Let’s go to the diff cover with a bead of silicone letting it set up for a few minutes and we’ll go ahead and install it let it sit for a little while and then have the fluid to it. This way we ensure good quality filled with no leaks at this point mechanic is going to bolt this on, we’re going to fill it with fluid and that will complete our install.

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