Ancestry DNA Results and Ancestry Promo Code

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Ancestory Coupon

Ancestry DNA Results and Ancestry Promo Code.

I did ancestry DNA about a month ago, actually February 10th they sent it in and today is March 12th and I am kind of surprising and before I get started on anything I have a Ancestry Promo CodeI found one for 30% Off Ancestry DNA but when I use this for 20% it will be down below so and before you it before I click on this I am kind of curious what everybody thinks I look like I, the reason I always thought I was mostly European my dad’s grandparents are were born in Scotland. So of course I’m pretty sure I’m half Scottish and then I know for my mom her. her mother is European everywhere in Europe and then her dad my grandpa. it’s very dark and she’s very dark and so I am curious where that came from it could be just it could be in Europe.

I like Portuguese now I don’t think they are that dark though so I don’t know anyways yeah I’d love to do that I have heard from so many people one in college that studied this sort of thing and said out of blue like one of the first things he ever said what I can tell you’re not completely European you just have that look or whatever and so and then I have had a few other people tell me that so I have been curious for a very long time and I do really have the money but I spent it so but I’m really glad I did it’ll be fun to see ok so I can’t wait any longer, oh okay I am 35 percent Irish 35 percent IRA linux’s and know that I am 26% Scandinavian and 12% Great Britain 6% more six more regions, so click on here Scandinavia I didn’t I had no idea out of all the places my grand listed that was not one of them okay, so I thought it was I thought it was at least 75% European I thought the most I would be would be about 95 because that’s the max I have seen I am here I am 99% European wow so that is a little spray I didn’t think I was that I didn’t think I was all European and the last bit is West Asian let’s one person in West Asia if I remember right is also European and let me click on it yeah it’s Greece in Italy as well in Turkey and I am so Wow okay so that’s funny Ireland 35% Scandinavia which is Norway, Sweden I guess it’s not Finland mo cuz it doesn’t, yeah it doesn’t say Finland so that’s really weird I thought I always thought to get a navy I included Finland as well so and then okay that’s as Great Britain and that looks like it’s mostly England in Wales but it says up here Scotland as well and Ireland Wow so I might be 47% Irish but I’m gonna go ahead and claim I am Scottish on that one.

Okay, now ten percent your West that’s France Germany Czech Republic Austria Switzerland um so yeah I always did think I was part check and possibly Austrian but so yeah I know that some of us there’s yeah check so okay and then I did I Berrien Peninsula really I hate pronouncing that wrong but I always do and that is being a Portugal I am oh and Morocco’s in there but it says I guess they just don’t count it and trace regions go ahead and click on that huh okay so I always I did think I was Jewish it here being Jewish a little bit not a lot but I am less I am less than 1%, so not very much Grayson Emily I am 2% although mentioned Italy ina few other places so that’s kind of weird and in European East just pulling in the Ukraine Romania um okay so that’s what I am I’ve got this for my parents my poor daddy thinks he’s 100% caught Scottish. I might have to tell him about this before so he’s not like crazy I don’t know if you can’t I have the green eyes. I have green eyes they don’t look very green now or right now but I am and I have heard that they only come from Ireland anyway, so I am going to go ahead and add in the discounts and am and I guess that’s all I have to say I am gonna go ahead and run this through another thing I think it’s called Jed and it tells you more specifically like some people they’ve thought that they were Native American.

 I thought I would have something am but well nothing but European um but I have seen  people that are natives and they think they are 10% then turns out they are like 14% on there so I am gonna run this through maybe and maybe it will find Scottish. Well I guess they told me could be special hearing or maybe more Irish more Scandinavian, so that will be interesting yeah so well 100% European okay, well thank you so much for reading this, if you have your own article go ahead and post it below I love reading these it’s so interesting it seems like most people that look like me are very even more they are even fairer than me lighter blonde blonde hair bright blue eyes and everything they have more of a mix than I do so it’s kind of fun but anyway, so yeah go ahead and link it below and thank you so much.

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