Comprehensive Review Of America’s Premiere Diet Program

May 3, 2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Nutrisystem

Comprehensive Review Of America’s Premiere Diet Program
What is Nutrisystem?
Nutrisystem is one of America’s newest diet plans advertised as one that will help you to learn how to eat filling foods and change your lifestyle once and for all. They provide you with shopping lists and free counseling among other things as well as obvious tips such as “drink lots of water!” But as obvious as they are, some people forget about these essential weight loss tips.

History of Nutrisystem
Nutrisystem used to be a diet plan based on the idea that you could shop for yourself, eat the foods you should, and essentially learn. But they have recently made a change back to the old ways of former diet plans, offering prepackaged meal plans that they can ship to you at your convenience. Most users find that these don’t actually taste that good, and they fool users into thinking they can continue to eat what they’ve always eaten offering options such as scrambled eggs with cheese and pizza.

Their meals are nutritionally sound. Similar meals that most people would make for themselves are definitely not. But the way they make them, if you eat their prepackaged meal plans, you could potentially lose weight. The problem is maintaining the results after you stop buying the prepackaged meals and participating in what is now becoming an expensive program.

Side Effects
As a diet plan, there are no known side effects associated with Nutrisystem.

Nutrisystem was moving in the right direction, though it was deficient in some areas before. However, with the move back to prepackaged meals made up of foods such as pasta, pizza, and other generally unhealthy foods, they have joined the pack of products that fail to teach you the habits that would help you to maintain results, and they have become yet another ineffective and expensive plan.

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