How To Get $15 Worth of Free Food – Doordash Promo Code

April 29, 2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Coupons

How To Get $15 Worth of Free Food – Doordash Promo Code.

Today I shall be showing you how to get free food using doordash, calm you may or may not have heard of it it’s super simple super easy. This is the website the homepage and I am logged in currently and I shall show you the door – credits I have earned and received as right now have 15.3. I have $60 from completed referrals through friends and people that have used my link this link is mentioned at the end of this guide for you guys just to click and sign up easy 15 dollars. Once you order I get a 50 I get $15 as well, so it’s a win-win situation if you know anybody that uses this website just feel free to use theirs, so you guys can both benefit and I am just going to be showing you how this all works and yeah, so let me go to a guest profile and sign up using the link already have pasted it up copied, so it says daemon blank gave you 15 dollars, so super simple all you got to do is type in your first last name and the only thing you need is a mobile phone number that you have access to. I am pretty sure everybody reading this guide has a mobile number super – super easy, so I am just gonna type some random stuff here I do not have a mobile number right now because I’ve already like used all of them, so let me just type in random number, so excuse my little loud keyboard, create my account so I’m not gonna be verifying this but I am just showing you guys what it looks like all you have to do is enter the 4 digit code that you have eceived in your phone number as a text message and just enter these random codes and it will obviously match and you just sign up, so once you sign up it will look exactly like the home page here the only difference is the delivery fee, so you see under Wendy’s $1.99 that’s the delivery fee.

So the ones that say try free although these are the ones that are free for you guys, so the difference is most of them will be free for you guys since you are new members and your first order will most likely be free if I remember correctly, so just to show you guys since I do have $15 left in this account I shall show you a store, let me just click Brooklyn sub it is pretty early so I’m not sure if a lot of them are delivering because I did try this before and it did not let me order, okay. So I have a Brooklyn’s um I have   chicken Caesar salad for $7.75 and I could add other stuff but keeping in mind the delivery fee the taxes it should even out so discounts $15.28, so I did have fifteen point three so $15.30 and it took away 15.28, so my total for the food is 7.75, my taxes and fees is 1.54 and the delivery was $6.99, so I did pick a restaurant with a high delivery fee just to show you guys that it does work and if you pick something with like let’s say 1.99, you can get way more food from that so the total is $2.00 just because of the tip what I do recommend is tipping them in cash, so that you don’t really have to pay the too much with the card a simple way would just be putting this to $0.50 which is the minimum and just enter your card, just put your address and all that and doordash promo codes sometimes they do have it but most of the time it does not really work, so it’s all you got to do I’m not gonna place the order because I’m not gonna order a salad right now but you know a sandwich right now but yeah just to show you guys it does work if you would like to help me out just use my referral link below and that’s pretty much it if you have any questions comments, excuse me concerns just leave them in the comments section below and now a reply as soon as I can thank you so much for reading and leave a like and don’t forget to subscribe.

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