How To Use Target Coupons Using Printable Coupons

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Hi guys and manbros would bring in hot coupons and today we are heading out to another target shopping guide using target coupons, target printable coupons and target cartwheel offers. So you’ll be able to get these same deals and I’m going to check out the clearance sections and see what I can find, so let’s head to Starbucks first off and ask you guys. I’m heading to Starbucks to get a spunk in pipe to get really to safe pumpkin pies, so know I’m going to get a pumpkin spice latte and I wasn’t asked you guys like normally when I get my caramel macchiato I get extra caramel like tons of caramel so that what I like to do and I get light eyes and would not. I gonna ask you with this I normally just get it plain just pumpkin spice little bit then I add one slender packet. If you guys have like a special way that you like to order, it is there like a special thing I should be doing getting like extra pumpkin or extra sauce vanilla sauce. I think isn’t it. I don’t know if there’s like a better way that I should be trying and let me know if you have any suggestions.

Okay, so last night was really quickly I wanted to tell you guys what reigning hot coupons actually mean, so that’s my website that’s my blog that I do all my coupons and deals on and things but I wasn’t sure you get ours and tell you guys what it means, so reigning hot coupons like instead of raining raindrops it’s raining hot coupons and that doesn’t mean that they’re hot to touch or that they’re like on fire or something but well somewhere on fire because they’re such good deals that they’re like hot but anyway they are like hot deals, like great deals, like really good deals. It is raining instead of raining rain drops is raining really good coupons notice like on my website a lot of times I’ll post hot and to me that means like this is a really good deal, I get on it right now, This is a hot deal so that’s how I feel about rain hot coupons is that it’s like raining really good coupon stuff. Anyway we’re here at Target now let’s head in and see what we can find I think that I meant to the hot target every Sunday because looks guys parked in the same spot, where I almost hit the carts every time. So it must be a sign right supposed to be here didn’t keep on stopping here let’s go years before still looks super easy to get these vitamin waters are on sale for 94 cents. There are a bunch of different flavors and then you use your 10% off cart will offer and you’re going to pay just 85 cents. Since there’s a limit of 4 on cart wheel offers I’m going to go ahead and get four of these they’re perfect for like soccer games and football games.

Here is a great deal on prego, this deal is followed on all these different varieties, so these are priced at a dollar ninety seven. Some stores have them for a dollar eighty nine and they’re on sale for buy three get one free plus you’re going to use two of these $0.50 off coupons as long as your store allows you to use a coupon on the free item. Then you can use two because our 50 Cent’s off of two and you’re going to buy four, so are you going to buy three you’re going to get one for free. Use two coupons and you’re going to end up paying as low as $1 sixteen each and that’s if your price is a dollar eighty nine and I’ve seen them at stores for dollar eighty-nine. Here they’re a dollar ninety seven but still a really good deal and like I said, you can choose whatever flavor you want. Think I’m going to choose a three-cheese maybe a meat one garlic and maybe a traditional, anyways well our 16 per pastas already cheap as it is and get really good deals on pasta. So talk about a really an expensive dinner and tasty too. Okay here’s a deal for great pizza lovers and Hogan is showing you guys that these are ourselves so that’s pretty cool to have a sign showing you that there’s carbon offered anyways these Red Baron pizzas are priced at 350 for when you’re going to use your whopping 30% off a cartwheel offer along with a $1 on two coupons to buy to use a 30% off. You can do the sale up to four times you are going to pay a dollar ninety eight per pizza. Let’s forget 188 and I actually really like these pieces I like the just the plain pepperoni, so here is the deal that I wanted to talk to you is about I’m not actually getting this deal.

We have tons of granola bars that we need to get through anyways. They are on sale for 3 for $5 the quake or chewy granola bars there’s a bunch of different varieties and there’s a $0.50 off one coupon when you text offers to 87438 plus you’re going to use the fifty five cent off coupon from red plum 823 red plum and there is a possible 50 cent I bought a rebate making them just 12 cents each and if you don’t do the rebate, you are going to pay just 62 cents for these and they are normally priced at 219 so look at this these mom’s best cereals are gone and maybe that was here with coupons. It was a total where to go see a little friend and they’re actually like at the front section users walk in there are bones Besser.

They’re so people that took all those, no there wasn’t right now and show you guys they weren’t priced . They were interested to make it on sale but I’m going to show you again that which we only get home. Make sure you’re looking everywhere. Still people like to buy a lot of things by everything let’s go see behind look around pace of when I walked in this is where I came and I saw this and look at their moms bestial and it’s not marked on cell, it’s marked a 289 but I know it themselves, so let me show you the deal alright these moms Imperials are supposed to be on sale for two dollars. They are priced at 299 what when you price can and they’ll be two dollars and then you’re going to use a 50 cent off one coupon making them just a dollar fifty, so that’s great for me really easy in this is good cereal gluten-free and just tastes really good, no waste dollar fifty down from 289 and let’s go price again just to make sure.

Ok, so let’s price can mask if two dollars, Oh minimize anyway through here at the Belmont a fruit and veggie fusions excited about this deal. It’s really easy to get and to be good for you, so let’s look at it so anyways these are normally up to two flight to each but they are on sale two for four dollars, so they’re two dollars each and then there’s a one dollar off four pack, so these are on sale for two dollars you’re going to use a one dollar off coupon and you’re going to pay just $1 for all four of these, which makes each one just a quarter and I just drop my sunglasses. Okay so anyway it makes each one just a quarter and I have two wants them to get 2-pack eight of them, got a quarter each I got these back in stock so this still. I tried to do another week but they were out of stock because it’s such a good deal, so these Sara Lee cakes are on sale for 250 and then you use your 20% off cartwheel offer along with $1 off one coupon and you’re going to pay just $1 each for these snacks and they are perfect for like lunch boxes and I don’t think it. I’m not sure if it’s battling on this one it says 250 for the cupcakes and these are cupcakes but I don’t know if that’s true or not but anyway I know it is valid on these and I’m going to get two of them.

This next deal is valid on a bunch of these Progresso soups, so they are priced at a dollar ninety-nine and at all different kinds of varieties then you’re going to use, there’s a Target coupon, so you can actually buy three of them and you’re going to use a $0.50 off one coupon as you can see. I see here, so Target coupon and you get that by texting sample 2827438 and then there’s also a 25%, 20% off progress the soup cart will offer and then you also use this $1 off three coupon and you will end up paying just a dollar. Oh three each so dollar ninety-nine down to 103 the creamy Alfredo with Penny and chicken like when did they start me this is like a pasta. Okay all you Taylor slim hands out there this is really good deal that was just sitting here, so this is normally 19.99 burger 19.89 album and it’s on sale right now for $14.99 plus you get a 5 dollar Target across from the $99.99 and then I looked on Amazon just to make sure that was a good deal and it’s priced at $11.99 at Amazon, so two dollars cheaper and you get it now you don’t do in friendship here is a super duper easy deal and these are perfect if you have lots of kids. So these cool aides are on these little canisters are on sell for $2 each and there is a buy one get one free coupon, which makes them just $1 each and that’s a printable coupon, so anybody can do this deal and they open just $1 you guys have this problem too like I’m looking for toilet paper and I’m in the paper towel roll section, I don’t know why I always do that I always and then I look like I’ll always look on the side to see like they’re like a little crease. Right here but with me for where’s that paper towels I don’t know maybe I’m the only weird person that has this problem but I’m looking for toilet paper and I miss paper towels, okay I found the toilet paper I don’t know why target does that they put the toilet paper pilot food section and the paper towels over my length of bath and body section.

I don’t know just you’re trying to do that and we’re like you would think that it would be the other way around I don’t anyway this next chill is a great deal on toilet paper and it might get a little bit confusing, so just hang in there I’m going to have it all written down in the link below and it’s really good Socko price on toilet paper these are prices 16.29 now the 30 packs but they’re like double roll, so they’re it’s like getting 60 and they’re on sell like I said for 16.29 and then you’re going to use this $2 off one printable coupon along with this 20% off cart will offer there’s also a $1 up one coupon. Target coupon when you text the word offer to 87438 and that’s going to make this huge thing only 10 23, so that’s like $0.17 per regular roll, so that’s a definite stock-up price. Okay, so here’s any other toilet paper deal and these are this is on the smaller pack, so these are $6.99 for a 12-pack plus there is a $1 off one printable coupon along with the 20% off cartwheel offer and there’s the $1 off one coupon when a text offer to 827438 that’s a target coupon, so you’re able to combine all three of those and you’re going to pay just 3.79, so 3.79 for all that toilet paper and that’s like pain and 16 cents per regular roll, so these are this is a 12 pack and of double rolls, so it’s like getting 24 regular rules, okay so here is another toilet paper deal, if you want to get less toilet paper it’s still really good deal, I’m still going to get and the big rolls and I’m also going to get this but anyway their price is $6.99 and there’s a $1 off one printable coupon along with a 20% off cartwheel offer, there’s also a $1 off one target and keep on which you can get by texting offer to 87438, so after you do all three of those and keep one offers you can actually pay just 3.79, so through 79 for all destroy the paper and these are double rolls it’s like getting 24 regular roles that we make each one just 16 cents, so each wall you’re going to pay only 16 son.

Okay, so one thing I wanted to point out really fast is that this coupon is actually only valid on the ultra soft and strong, so even though these are on sale for the same price and they’re part of the Curt will offer the coupon these coupons that you’re going to use and they’re only about it on the blue packages, so make sure when you’re getting your toilet paper get the right ones because it check out you might not realize that you’re on the wrong one like me and you want to get the blue packs. Here is another toilet paper deal and it’s definitely a stock up deal again these are priced at and the Angel Soft bath tissue is priced at $14.99 for a 30 pack and it’s for double rolls again, so it’s like 72 regular rolls and you are going to use a 55 cent off one coupon along with that same target cartwheel offer for 20% off like I said, you can use this cartwheel offer four times, so all of these paper deals you can get in today, so use those too together and you’re going to pay 11.44 for this big thing of toilet paper, which is like paying 16 cents per regular roll of this nature made digestive probiotics they are on sale for 17.49 regularly at $19.99 on a price cut then you’re going to use this high-value $6 off one coupon and then if you look under here I spotted red and I saw that you’re gonna get a free $5 gift card with purchase, so after you use the coupon and after you get the gift card, your pages 649, so 649 for thee is done from $19.99 you can choose daily balance advanced one of multivitamins I probably get this one, so I feel like I keep telling you guys that there’s like all these super easy deals and there is like here’s another one that’s so easy to do so on this Dawn dish soap which is preset than seven cents regular price there is a 25 cent off printable coupon that’s going to make it to 72 cents per piece, so here we go we have to keep on so I’m going to grab two, so here’s another super easy deal, so these I’ve read three packs with so are 99 cents and there’s a printable that decent coupon that measuring two pages 49 cents, right through things of soap, so I am the queen of UV deals today this is and I’m going to get four of them so I have two computers I printed or coupons, so anyways these bounty paper roll towels the single ones are 97 cents and there is a 5% off target cartwheel offer along with a 50, so one coupon and this cartwheel offers on any bounding paper towels that doesn’t matter this size, so anyways your main page is 42 cents but okay this should be fun I can’t reach those like they look so close but they’re not so I’m having to jump – huh Tyrion I have to step on the together you three I look really weird right now.

I probably look so weird like I’m jumping climbing on things talking to a camera you think you fun but whatever, it’s great look at my cart. I have so much good stuff totally we’re looking like a weirdo the smells, so good over here with all these fall cents everywhere but here is a freebie, so these Glade warmers are priced at 1.39 regular price then you’re going to use a $0.50 off one coupon and that’s going to make it just 89 cents but then there’s a dollar rebate from ibotta, which one may get free plus a money maker all right, so this next deal is on these pulleys then pads or you can get any kind of pads that you want, just like liners and they are priced at 4.89 and there’s a dollar 50 cent off one Target coupon here, which you can also use with a manufacturer’s coupon for 2 dollars off one there’s also a $3 off one coupon in the 8.30 smart source insert but you don’t have that you can print out the $2 off one coupon and if you have three dollar off coupon you’re going to pay just 39 cents for this but if you don’t have that you just use printable coupon, you’re going to pay a dollar 39 down from for eight nights that’s a really good deal, so I’m finding all kinds of really good clearance deals but this is one that I thought I would mention, so this is unclear insane down from one 29.99 and they’re really cute barstools anyways for 40 bucks that’s like Add, so there are some really good clearance stills, I found on like summer items, so I’m going to show you like for examples this grill is on clearance for 38.98 down from 1 $29.99 and then these tables which are really nice and big, they are on clearance for 23.70 down from $79 case.

Another clearance still that I found randomly these really cute rain boots are on clearance for 7.48 down from $24.99 and look how cute they’re, so make sure you’re looking around your store. Eve is there are some amazing clearance till right now, they’re just around like everywhere throughout the store, so be sure to look around. Okay guys here is an awesome deal on at this cookie dough post boy cookie dough, so they’re on by three get one for free and there are 2.50 for each plus you can use two of these one dollar on two coupons because you’re going to be getting for as long as your store will let you use them. I keep on the free item then use those two coupons you get one for free and you had a pain at $41 each, so it’s pretty good considering they’re normally two before you’re going to pay a dollar forty one, I just notice that I’m also part of the spell need to be refrigerated Georgie, so the earth brain stopped is $2.00 each, there are 52 dollars for each you’re going to use these two Kentucky youth say I to seem to be more opportunities it is on/off you want Internet of pain dollar 75 values set of and to 69 to 69 down to 17.5. I’m gonna offer sell not 25 August 2nd smart source there is a dollar off to coupon on these pens and B they say 67 cents but when you price down they’re actually impressed or 48 cents ,so buy 2 and you’ll get them Goldberg would agree there is an awesome deal on this light and all-purpose cleaner, so you’re going to buy five and there’s these two $0.50 off coupons and I will put the link below to print those off incredible coupons, so these two of those and 5/5 you’re going to also get back a $5 gift card and that’s going to make your total just 57 cents for each of these.

Okay guys here’s an awesome deal and you don’t need any coupons or anything you just use the target cartwheel, it’s super easy to get and its really good own, so these Tostitos chips and the dip on top four two four six then use the 44 some kernels offer and you’re going to end up paying just a dollar eighty, so no became ones needed alright guys, so I’m done at Target and I just want to show you my cart well my battery died on my cameras and I’m using my phone. Okay, so I just got done I just got home with all of my stuff that I got at Target, so I wanted to show you guys what I got and the prices that I paid for everything and the freebies that I got and everything prego sauce, right here they were a dollar sixteen each the pizzas were a dollar 98 each the Kraft cheese after my I bought away, they are gonna cost a dollar 25 Pizza yummy and then the kool-aid they were just a dollar each, these paper towels were just 42 cents each this Glade warmer will be completely free after my I bought a rebate these progressive soups are a dollar of three each the Sara Lee cupcakes and snack cakes were just a dollar, okay so for the toilet paper these were all stock up prices, so I got each deal each deal they’re a little bit different but basically I ended up paying 16 cents per regular roll, these three packs of Ivory soap or 49 cents for the all three packs these were 6.49 down from 17.49 that’s kool-aid get me these poised liners were 39 cents the dawn dish show was 72 cents vitamin water was 85 cents each, cheese cookies were a dollar 66 each and this cereal was a dollar fifty and then these fruit fusions were 25 cents per cup all-purpose cleaner spray bottles were 57 cents, so these chips and the dip they were a dollar eighty each no coupons needed so that’s an awesome deal.

Okay that’s it for today, so be sure to subscribe for more shopping videos and be sure to click the link below I will have all the deals in the matchups for all of these deals along with the links for printable coupons and everything, so you get all these doors deals right now how to do another shark hey it’s Eric to Starbucks to get a drunken fight I’ve got my two coupons in hand and I’m about ready to get another service you.

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