Kohl’s Coupons: 30% Off and Free Shipping Codes

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Kohl’s Coupons: 30% Off and Free Shipping Codes.

hi guys it’s Johnson here and today I have a special styling guide for you. You guys always tell me that all my outfits are not warm enough that you’re somewhere freezing in Alaska or Iceland or somewhere that’s really cold and whatever I put in the style together. It is too cold for you guys, so today I got three looks and I use some of the pieces from the Madden girl collection that’s available at calls and let’s get started.

So for this first look I paired a cute knit dress with a great jacket. If you guys have been watching my videos lately you know that I have been all about the greys I kind of love how it looks together. You can pair up different shades of grey and it just looks like you have spent forever putting an outfit together for this one. I really love the jacket, it’s really warm yet a very relaxed and casual look and I also paired it with these like little fur boots faux fur which I think are so great for when you’re walking from class to class so they’re really comfortable really cozy all you need is a latte in your hand and you’re looking good to go depending on where you are if you are going to be cold.

I would suggest wearing some tights with this and this is where you can also have fun and pair some beautifully textured gray tights or even black tights would look really cute with this as well. For the second look I paired something a little less warm but still pretty cozy. This one is a knit dress and a through a vest on top it’s also available at Kohl’s of the Madden’s girl collection and I love sort of the just a position of textures on this one and the boots are these suede fringe boots that are super comfortable as well. So this look he can bundle yourself bought you can you know if you’re if you’re cold if you just wrap yourself up in the best least, use it as a blanket while you’re sitting in class you’re gonna be really warm I think they’re just so much more than you can do when you wear a vest.

So for this third look, this is the warmest one that I have in this guideline and I guarantee you they were not gonna be colons anywhere you are in the world because I feel like this parka jacket will have you prepared for Alaska weather. I love the big fluffy furry hoodie you just throw that on and not be bothered by anyone walking around campus so fashions supposed to be fun. So I thought it would be really cool to parent with like a metallic cobalt blue sweater, so you know you don’t feel so boring wearing a large market jacket and that’s another fashion tip that I have for you. If you have to wear a huge amazing insane coat so you can stay warm just play with your sweaters wear some crazy prints wear some crazy colors some metallic inserts on it something that you know will make you feel like you have to cover from the rest of the world. You can definitely feel cute and feminine while wearing a big part, so these were my warm cozy looks for you college girls out there.

I hope that you guys enjoyed this guide, if you did don’t forget to subscribe to my website newsletter right here and also check out the Madden girl collection at calls. I’m going to link everything that I mentioned in this guide down below and I will see you next time.

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