NordVPN Review and Nordvpn Promo Code 90% Off

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NordVPN Review and Nordvpn Promo Code 90% Off.

Hello everyone, I am from fairbizdeals – coupons and deals website and today we are going to be reviewing Nord VPN. We are going over some annoyed VPNs features. We are also going to over its referral program and I am also going to be giving you guys a NordVPN Promo Code which I will leave down a link at the end of this NordVPN guide, so you can get a discount and try ignored VPN out. So Nord VPN is a VPN also known as a virtual private network company. If you don’t know what a VPN is a VPN allows you to hide your original IP address and this allows you to be safer from hackers as well as the advertisers and it’s definitely important to have a VPN nowadays and for this purpose NordVPN is one of the biggest VPN companies out there with over 5,000 locations worldwide, 5,000 servers. So you can hop around through 433 VPN servers in Asia, to over 2,000 in Europe and over 2000 in Americas and over 58 servers in Africa, Middle East, in India and just so you know Nord VPN is available for Google Play Mac OS Android and iOS and windows also. If you use Linux there’s ability to get it on Linux.

The company’s headquarters are in Panama and that is very good for privacy because Panama does not have any data retention laws and NordVPN accepts credit cards, PayPal, cryptocurrency and many other smaller payment methods, so they make it very easy to pay you can basically pay any way you want and  I want to go over some of their features with you, so I showed you they have 5,000 servers. They offer military-grade encryption, they have a strict no logs policy and they have an automatic kill switch policy and basically what that means is sometimes when you are using a VPN server,  your connection goes off the server and then your IP address starts leaking, so when your connection you lose your connection you can hit the kill switch automatically, which will make it, so your IP is not leaked.

They offer a DNS leak protection and they also offer onion over VPN, so that’s basically like you can use the Tor onion network on top of the VPN they have they support peer-to-peer, which is big for a lot of people and like I said earlier they support all the different devices. They also support unlimited bandwidth which is very good and they do no logs or they say they do no logs. You know if you are super  paranoid, you really got to do your own research on this stuff and then also I want to show is that they do have 24/7 customer support available and I want to go over the referral program with you guys because if you like NordVPN you can tell your friends about it, which is great and they have a really high conversion ratio because their product can be used by pretty much anyone globally, so they convert all types of traffic. They offer very generous commissions and they have a dedicated affiliate account manager. This is their program, if someone signs up for one month you get 100% of that signup and then if they renew you get a 30% commission. All renewals are 30% commissions based, however if you get bigger package like a six month offer, then  you will get 40% 1 year offer,  40% for 2 year offer, 40% and they are partnered up with CJ and CJ is one of the biggest affiliate partner networks out there, so you need to sign up to CJ and then you can click nordVPN sign up to be an advertiser there’s actually no approval process you can be in affiliate marketer for nordVPN right away and yeah and if you guys want a promotion this  is the deal right now.

I will give a link at the end of this guide and you can come here check it out and buy the plan that you think is best and if you guys like this guide and you think it’s helpful make sure to Like comment subscribe and I shall be making some more of these guides soon and I also do plan on making a tutorial

video soon on how to set up an open VPN server which I know a lot of people want to learn that as well,  so thank you guys for reading and I really appreciate it.

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