Nutrisystem For Men Review and Results Plus Unboxing

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Hey guys and welcome to the Nutrisystem for men review article. If you guys have been on the fence about the Nutrisystem for men program. I am going to quickly run you through what you actually receive in your box. I am gonna give you a couple of quick reviews from other people who have had success with the Nutrisystem for men program and we are going to have a quick overview of what this program is. So rather than me talking I thought what we would quickly do is just show you some tips and the best way to do this is to speed these tips up, so you don’t have to study the whole Program. Some other random guy talking on Nutrisystem for 15-20 minutes, so let’s have a look at what we actually get when we unbox the Nutrisystem program and what you will actually receive and after that you will get some reviews and by the way guys underneath this article, there is a Nutrisystem coupon or there is a link to a page where you can get Nutrisystem Promo code. It’s a good website offering Coupons and Deals to Top Brands and famous online stores, where they will show a whole lot of different coupons and discounts that Nutrisystem will add from time to time, so okay without further ado let’s see what you actually get when you unbox your Nutrisystem product. So we have got the guys, we got packing slip red sometimes all substitute something they put on the packing slip my wife had one thing substitute it look like I am building probably put I eat boring stuff here, we go Fast Five for the nice-looking mainly Nutrisystem box and I actually was not like joking with the sound, there it actually has a little bit of weight and girth to it.

Let’s see what we got in here because this is kind of exciting I am push this over we are looking here to fast buy, so if you are familiar with the system, basically you start or you can start with this design I believe it’s the 5 half days but I have been informed that it’s a 7 days to lose 5 pounds and we will see how it goes. We got a little guy here with a daily tracker, it’s kind of showing us what to do and then you know I did the same where I pick stuff but for this I just give you what to give you some probably make a trade with my wife who’s filming this but here is a kind of the deal I got a so menstrual thing a bunch of bars and I’m not a fan of apart, so I how I can go from eating you know I don’t know you need to Hometown Buffet to eating up a bar for breakfast. I don’t have a breakfast buffet but we will make this work, so we got to reqtest ours how about lunch bar that’s kind of unreal our bars in here but I guess that’s why you get so fast by this. I am a fan of coming out, yes I may not be a fan of it but right now it looks cool mashed potato baked, potatoes we got some POW something I am not sure them to be into that but you know we have blueberry muffins, these are favored to buy you the real world, so we will see how they are in the Nutrisystem world. Banana Nut muffin, we got cheese tortellini, I like a little cheff boyardee things you know they have got I got this little thing to pop off pop down the microwave give some atomic energy and you are good to go now on the website like just literally look like build a bowl like I am here, look like you exercise be huge, okay we will come back to that, so as you can see I sped the article up, so that we don’t have to read or you don’t have to read the whole process, so let’s move on a little bit and we will come back to this guy. So what actually is the diet plan of nutrition obviously in the palm of my hand but let’s kill it, okay.

So moving on right along what is the Nutrisystem diet plan, well here I have prepared a little quick guide which will show you what the plan is all about here, you go Nutrisystem offers a 28-day program that delivers prepackaged foods and the plan consists of three meals and two snacks p.m. total calorie count varies from 1200 to 1500, best options include pancakes oatmeal rinoa and muffins much as a dinner offer selections like you are gonna pop that tacos chili piccola soup and stew preserving snacks, you have the option of Roundy’s cookies or take the fruits experts and certified nutritionist FL Nutrisystem to be safe really easy to follow you purchase a moderately effective shorter bala, okay. So effective and great for short-term fat loss, so that is a little bit about what the Nutrisystem program is all about now moving right along let’s go back to the unboxing and carry on with what you actually will get in here, however it got lower marks and long-term weight loss and all skill led guys, so moving along let’s go back to what you will actually get in your Nutrisystem for men product box, here you go you know we are not doing this for the buffet form you to lose weight, got a chocolate muffin, got a chicken alfredo for dinner some brie cheese something or other lasagna with meat sauce I kind of manually rotini and evolve I guess if I say do not know what that is I am not fancy enough or that was good and we got a couple of things for soup, some white bean chicken chili and some chili with beans and then we have got some dinners in here, so chicken potpie flatbread people hope you, I didn’t pick the stop and I sleep fairly happy with it yeah good it’s good to know you are fairly happy with it because it is good product, so now let’s take a quick look at some reviews and let’s hear what this guy has to say about his experience with Nutrisystem.

After 9 weeks I lost 26 (twenty six) point one elves give a go at em Peter bringing my weight out of 218 pound nine ounce from my selling weight of 245 pounds, wow that’s pretty good and let’s hear from someone else, I am with a total of 3 times when I started and I will go to a quick way I like Wayne to see if on a certain house, so they have a guy congratulations to you, so we have had a look at that we have had a look at that, okay. Let’s carry on with the unboxing and once again guys underneath this Nutrisystem guide, you can click on the link given at the end, which will take you to the Coupons and Deals Website from where you can get Nutrisystem coupons and discounts four main program, so to end this guide let’s just finish off with the rest of what you will get in your Nutrisystem kit, product kit and yeah let’s check it out, you know thick crust pizza I don’t know how do you think that people in here but if that’s, there is it look like you cook this thing up you did another microwave and it look like you probably provide your own cheese for the things, there are a couple of things to be aware of like that now here’s the other 2 things that are part of this 5, OK we’ve got two boxes in these say to form in, so I don’t know if they drop this testosterone packet in there or what exactly makes this a mainly thing but one of them is the craving crusher, which you know I don’t know I sound that’s not anything to feeling to me but more likely the you know $5, I don’t know anyway, so we got that the inner energy zine once again.

I think that right is that right – Oh energizing okay f1 or ladies for minutes. Once again I was talking in favor of something more namely founding but these are fine and I shall try them out and we will see what they taste like to do this. This is a fast 5 and this is going to be seven days of food to lose 5 pounds. I am just assuming to find a big guy that I am going to lose like I don’t even know. I am probably gonna die on this thing. it looks like a lot of food but then again it probably not going to be, so we will see how we do it out – ok left at now we are interested even the shop table food but other foods will come out later but men get if you have not worked it out already. You start with a fast 5, which is your first five days that is the kit that has just been shown and then you move on to the staple foods which is basically replacing all of the other products you have on your shelves with what is about to show you in these 2 boxes. So I shall carry on like twice the amount of desserts and snacks and so kind of crazy, this is like your Oreo cookie just not in real deep it is I can feel a tray in here and I am afraid I am only feeling like three of these, so that’s a little fast but you know not too bad we have got this is a chocolate caramel bar you know the girl cookies that are the what other things called the moas this to me. I am hoping this is a moment how many really that it’s not I am hoping that is just as a MOA and that would be so cool. I think it’s not I tried to respond to talk at but I got like brownies just a trial forgot to put on justit’s rice. I got pancakes, got 2 pound cake and I like you everything got a chocolate cake and I got some of your typical stuff. You know eating cheesy some cheese cloths and looking for – zaps and this one I don’t Iria because uh you know obviously a doughnut is always good thing on acree lady. I don’t know this is true but I say that anyone think people commented on breakfast – yummy breakfast, so I figure I don’t really care if don’t eat anyways and so on trying to stuff in and I doubt the quality of Nutrisystem lady don’t get a shot I’m gonna have.

I hope the things probably don’t look shameful. I did get tuna salad that I really like, I really like that I use expensive crackers. I don’t know that allowed but anyway let’s see really this is like literally. This is like all you I would reach my hand into the pocket to eat while I’m preparing a bowl of cereal, so this is a whole lot, so we are going to the best of it to see what happens then I got the same thickness probably more don’t wanna deal with. I just like you know what if I get sad I want to feel like I am making the food and so I got one thing kind of hands on like that it kind of us what’s in here along with just something some tanooki microwave cheddar broccoli rice, 3 cheese gonna pull this box out alright let’s look inside this box, we got lasagna with me sauce I don’t know how else you would want entrusting to this is good. I start to sell what the neighbor said expensive things in there that’s obviously hearty salad once again this is a diet not a you know not the Hometown Buffet, so we don’t Ashley was way so I thought it went to contains in there. I love Thanksgiving, I can eat in Thanksgiving – got some turkey got some stuffing missing the cranberry soft we are gonna see how this tastes and these guys you know this is expected by the US Department of Culture, so I don’t really know why I got important. I would just assume that the food is safe, okay. All the better mom’s makes the best spaghetti with meat sauce I am dressing a many percents gonna come through and do that as well I got some spaghetti, I got some Roe feet and garlic mashed potatoes, yum yum yum with the roast beef spaghetti ‘s and all kinds of awesome foods there in the Nutrisystem box. So I think by now, you guys have seen enough of what is in the Nutrisystem product. Right – we will turn that off and and so hopefully that is enough for you guys to make a decision to get started on your Nutrisystem for men weight loss programs. Now if you are interested once again like I said at the start of this guide underneath is a Nice Website’s Link you can click on there you can like and share it and share your experience is – on the Nutrisystem program. We love hearing from new people and what their experiences are and there are links on that page to get nutrisystem discounts and coupons for example a few weeks ago Nutrisystem ran a sympatric today in March coupon, where they gave a free fitness tracker along with your program and the link to that was on the page that has now subsequently finished but there are all kinds of updated coupons and promo codes, so that is the guide and I would like you to comment and share and I look forward to your comments tell me what you think and good luck with your Nutrisystem for men life changing program thanks guys.

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