Save $10 Ordering Groceries from Walmart

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Save $10 Ordering Groceries from Walmart.

Image: Walmart

You can get $10 off your first Walmart Grocery Pickup & Delivery order by entering the walmart promo code TIMEBACK during checkout. 

Walmart is coming for Amazon Prime’s crown with a fresh subscription service that is called Walmart+ reported this Thursday. 

A few details have been emerged about the yet-to-be-priced program till now, however as far as it is known, it is a kinda, sorta rebrand of the retailer’s $98 per month Delivery Unlimited services, from where customers can get their unlimited same-day delivery of top groceries from participating stores. In the long run, Walmart id reportedly hoping to add additional perks like prescription drug discounts and a lot of savings on fuel from its gas stations to Walmart+. (We are crossing our fingers for eventual eye exam discounts, access to the deluxe recycling facilities and free fur or human baby childcare for Walmart+ members also, but those are just pipe dreams at this point).

You will find that Walmart’s online grocery service has been a huge success for the retailers, so it only makes sense that it would be the focal point of its Amazon Prime competitor. If you would like to give it a shot ahead of Walmart+’s formal debut without committing to a Delivery Unlimited plans, you can get $10 Off your first Walmart Grocery Pickup & Delivery order now through 31st May by using the Walmart coupon code TIMEBACK at checkout. point 

It is very easy and simple to place a Walmart Grocery order as shopping Walmart’s grocery selection online (or you can do it via the Walmart Grocery App) and you can choose a pickup or delivery time suitable for you. You can stock up on all of your go-to foods needs as well as household essentials including toilet paper and laundry detergent, and you will get the same “Every Day Low Prices” Walmart offers in its stores.

If you are going to save $10 on your first Walmart Grocery order with Walmart promo code TIMEBACK, just know you must order at least worth $50 before the discount amount and that it would not apply to alcohol purchases (You must read all of the terms and conditions on the last page of walmart’s weekly ad).

Click on the blue “See Details” button below to start Walmart groceries shopping.

Ordering groceries from Walmart? You can save $10 with this code.

Save $10 Off your first Walmart Grocery Pickup & Delivery orders with walmart code TIMEBACK See Details.

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